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A perfect complement to your visit to a Museum, Planetarium, Zoo, Historic Site, Botanical Garden or other destination.

All MuseumLight images are superior quality reproductions.  Faithful to the artist's vision - without compromise true to photographic nuances and painted chiaroscuro effects.

Every Lighted Art, ArtImages and ArtMagnets by MuseumLight are packaged with an Information Sheet with background information on the displayed image plus a Visual Arts Viewing Guide, useful both for adults and children.

Visit a participating museum store and make your own choice for your home or office - or send one as an unforgettable gift!

To view our Library Images Collection please visit us at : www.facebook.com/MuseumLight

Choose What Suits You Best

Lighted Art

Lighted Art by MuseumLight combines practical illumination with an exciting new way to look at memorable images.

Available in your choice of Tabletop, Pedestal or Pendant models and packaged either  Ready-to-Assemble – compact, easy to carry home and fun to put together - or fully Assembled - just plug in and enjoy.

Because you can easily change the image at any time –  every Lighted Art image fits any Lighted Art model – you can build an exchangeable collection of your favorite images.  Children can change images at any time to reflect their developing interests.  


Wall Hung Art museum quality reproductions start at a price everyone can afford and are available either framed or ready-to-frame.  Easy to take home and beautiful anywhere.

-  11" x 14" prints unmatted 
        or 8" x 10" matted to 11" x 14" 
-  18" x 24" prints unmatted
        or 12" x 18" matted to 18" x 24"
-  22" x 28" prints unmatted 
        or 17" x 22" matted to 22" x 28"


Fun introduction to images - perfect for children - an inexpensive way to start a MuseumLight collection.